Starting A Marriage Program

Re | engage is discipleship-based enrichment for every marriage. Whether couples rate their marriage as good, struggling, or broken, re | engage is a safe place for them to reconnect. Couples are never alone in their struggles, and they see this as they engage with one another through large and small groups.

Every week begins in a large group setting, where you will hear teaching and stories of hope from other couples whose marriages have been transformed. After meeting as a large group, participants will break off into three smaller groups, with each group led by a facilitator couple. First time visitors will attend the Newcomer Group to hear an overview of the ministry.

The second time, and on subsequent visits, couples would attend an Open Group to expose them to concepts they will see in the re | engage Closed Group curriculum. Those who express an interest in the 14-week curriculum will be placed in a Closed Group. In Closed Group, couples will learn how to effectively communicate, resolve conflict, grow closer to their spouse, and openly share their struggles with the group.

The goal of re | engage is to help couples grow in oneness with God and their spouse, and to grow in relationship with others. If you are interested in bringing this ministry to your church, click on If you would like to see this ministry in action, please contact Deb Mitchell at so we can prepare for your visit.

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